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November 21, 2013
By Nainoa BRONZE, Keaau, Hawaii
Nainoa BRONZE, Keaau, Hawaii
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Ender?s Game Review

The book Ender?s Game was a very interesting book to read. The main character was a boy named Ender Wiggin. He is six years old in the book. He is a very short-tempered boy, with a fuse that is really short. He is a loving boy but when it comes to bullying him he gets mad. In this one scene of the book he is getting bullied from a boy named Stilson. This boy wanted to kill Ender for years. But, he couldn?t because he had this monitor on longer than anybody, which meant that he was going to most likely be picked for the program to be a commander in the international Fleet. When he took it off he was vulnerable to anybody. When Stilson assaulted him Ender wanted to make sure that he Stilson would never bully him again so he killed him by kicking him multiple times. But Ender did not know that he had killed him. Until people from the I.F., named Colonel Graff, and Private Anderson, two of the teachers for the International Fleet. They told Ender that he had killed the boy who had bullied him. Ender said that he was like Peter, his older brother. Pete, is a savage who cares about nothing, and wants to be the best in the family. They bring Ender up to space academy, where he will train to become the next commander of the fleet. They see working progress in Ender. I am not going to give away the ending in the book, but I recommend you read it.

Now the movie was a totally different story not by much but the characters were very different. Ender in the book looked like he was at least 14 which really “wowed me” I thought it was going to be just like the book, I was wrong. Anderson instead of a male in the book, was a female. They did leave a lot of the scenes of the book out of the movie. The naked parts which if the scenes were in the movie we couldn?t watch it. I am more of an action person, so I like fighting scenes, or war scenes. But, if you like talking and drama I think you would like this movie. The movie was okay I guess, the best part for me is when they were in the battleroom and their strategies were so cool. Like every movie with a book, the book is always the best usually. The book is more informational, but still I wouldn?t want to sit in the theater for six hours watching every last detail from the book. There were some parts of the movie where I thought it would be different like the queen egg. I guess the stuff you picture in your mind doesn?t come into reality as you expected it. I prefer the book more, well you are supposed to read the book before you watch the movie. I would like you to watch it in 2D instead of 3D because promise me you will get sick.

Overall I liked the book better it was more thrilling, that is just me I am not a very big fan of reading either, but the book is better. But the movie was funnier than the book so you could pick to do both, but I would read the book first. To know what is going on, who is who, know the characters better. Get a little more information, if you don?t you will probably get confused. I rate the book an 8, and the movie a 7 because it was boring, it started to get better towards the ending of both of them. I recommend the book over the movie. This is just my opinion on the both of them you should find out for yourself.

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It was fun

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