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   "VanillaSky" is a sci-fi/ romantic thriller with mind-bending secrets no reviewershould give away. For director Cameron Crowe, the script is the first hehas adapted from another source, Alejandro Amenbars' 1997 Spanish film "OpenYour Eyes."

It's a bold leap that gives Tom Cruise one of his mostchallenging roles. Cruise plays David Ames, a New York publisher and womanizer.His love interest, Julie (Cameron Diaz), tells him that sex bringsresponsibility. By then, David is already chasing Sofia (Penelope Cruz), a dancerhe steals away from his best friend (Jason Lee).

David is accused ofmurder after a car accident that leaves him disfigured and confused about thedetails, even with help from his shrink (Kurt Russell).

Crowe warms thingsup with passion, humor and an appetite for true-life objects that catch theessence of a life - a Vanilla Sky by Monet, a song by the Beach Boys, and anearly Bob Dylan album cover. He reaches for the meaning that has turned David'sworld into a nightmare. Crowe's tantalizing film sticks with you.

This movie is rated R.

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