Fever Pitch MAG

By Carrie H., Phoenix, AZ

     “Fever Pitch,” starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon, is a love story with a comic twist. One might think that it is your typical “chick flick,” but that assumption is wrong. This intriguing film keeps you laughing and mesmerized all the way through.

Ben Wrightman (Fallon) is a high-school teacher who, while on a field trip, meets Lindsey Meeks (Barrymore). After dating for a while, Lindsey begins to think that Ben is the perfect man. However, she knows that this “dream guy” can’t be perfect; there must be something wrong with him. Then she discovers his secret: Ben Wrightman is the biggest Red Sox fan alive.

He’s not just a fan either; he is obsessed with “his” team. His life revolves around the Red Sox and puts everything else, including Lindsey, after them. This addiction to baseball had destroyed previous relationships, but Lindsey is determined to change that.

This movie is a must-see. Guys or girls, baseball lovers or not, “Fever Pitch” is appealing to all. Barrymore and Fallon work wonderfully together and play their parts very well. I am a big fan, and once you see it, you, too will catch the fever.

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i love this so much!


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