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September 25, 2013
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“Deepika: Gaadi kharaab ho gayi hai kya? Shah Rukh: Nahi. Deepika: Ye gaadi se dhuaan kiu fir? Shah Rukh: Gaadi cigarette pee rahi hai. (A fully damaged car starts emitting smoke, and then Deepika stupidly asks Shah Rukh, is something wrong with this car? Shah Rukh replies, No. Deepika enquires why the smoke then? Shah Rukh retorts, the car is smoking a cigarette.)”What an amazing dialogue isn’t it, this is nothing the movie has a lot more in it. Just imagine if this single dialogue can make you laugh how the full movie would be like, and how it would make you feel happy for spending 2hr 20 min of your life wisely. This is a family movie full of entertainment made by one of the best director of India Rohit Shetty. He who “has established himself as the uncrowned king of Bollywood's Rs.100 crore club”.Not just the director but also the 2 leading actors of the movie Shahrukh Khan who everyone mostly female are always dreaming for, and Deepika Padukone who mostly males are crazy about are the 2 best actors Bollywood has right now.

Starring Shahrukh Khan who’s name is Rahul he is a Mithaiwala (person who makes sweets or works at a sweet shop).Lives with his grandparents and is a bachelor, his grandfather dies in the first 20 minutes of the movie. Then he plans a trip to Goa. But then his grandmother tells him that “his grandfather desired to have his ashes divided into two parts – one part he wish to be immersed in the Ganges River (in the north) and the other part in the Rameswaram (in the south). She requests Rahul to go to Rameswaram and immerse the ashes”. So he says yes to his grandmother because he did not want to break her heart, but since he was really excited for the trip to Goa he and his friends make the plan to immerse the ashes in Goa because Rameswaram was completely in the opposite direction of Goa and they did not want to cancel their trip to Goa. So to trick his grandmother he sits in a train called Chennai Express. But they didn’t know whatever they were thinking was not going to happen, in fact it was the opposite of it. Starting from that moment the movie gets interesting every second.

Deepika Padukone who plays the female leading role her name in the movie is Meenalochni Azhagu Sundaram short name Meenamma. She is the daughter of a powerful headman of the Komban Kaum a village in Tamil Nadu (part of South India) who forces her to marry his friends’ son who is the headman of the neighbor village so that he can get more powerful. So she runs away and meets Rahul on the train station where Rahul (Shahrukh Khan) gets off the train, meets his friends and gets ready to start their car trip to Goa. But then he remembers that he forget the pot with his grandfather’s ashes in the train, so he goes to get it. While he gets the pot the train starts to leave the station, and when he tries to get off the train he sees her, she was running to get on the train, and this is when they meet. After this point the story plot gets more amusing and action packed and stays like that till the end.

After he helps get her on the train he sees couple of other men’s who are also running to get on the train, so he helps them get on the train as well. Then he gets to know the story of why she was running, who were the men he helped to get on the train, and he realizes what a big mistake he did. So then he decides to help her find a solution to the problem he pushed her in, and the story gets even twisty and hilarious. Not just the story but some of the characters chosen for certain roles were the best, which made the movie it even stronger. Also the songs made for the movie, the singers chose for the songs were perfect which connected the audience to the movie, it gave the story stronger feeling of success.

This movie is a complete packet in my opinion starting from the beginning till the end the movie. Including the songs, and couple of actions scenes that were thrown in there. This 2hr 20 min you will remember until you watch another good movie like this or even a better one. This I think is a movie for any person who likes to laugh their tears out or if they love to watch an electrifying movie and spend time enjoying with their family by watching something that would freshen up the whole family.




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