The Wolverine

September 1, 2013
A new Wolverine movie, since the x-men fans kept bitchin' about the last one.
The Wolverine! So the Wolverine stars Hugh Jackman. If you don't know who Wolverine is, then you need to know now. I'll explain. Wolverine is the X-men character with the adamantium claws and the healing factor. Get the picture? Hugh Jackman still owns the role as Wolverine and when he gets too old to be wolverine, we will all cry a little on the inside. And a lot on the outside. Well, I will anyway.
This movie follows the events of X-men 3 and back when Nagasaki got nuked, Wolverine saved a general and now it's years later, the general's old and he wants to thank Logan for saving his life. As we see the general dude, we see he's a bit of a stalker. His 2nd in command has a folder with images of wolverine from the other movies. So he's summoned to Japan and now we have: The Wolverine! This general is now rich as hell and he wants to thank Wolverine by Making him mortal. That's really all Logan wants. He knows that immortality is a curse, and through a series of circumstances Wolverine loses his ability to heal. So now he's mortal, and it was a great story line for wolverine. It's cool to see Wolverine at his lowest low. He's seen so much death and destruction and he wants it to end. But when he has a chance to make it end, he realizes what he is. He's a soldier through and through. There's this romance that builds between Wolverine and the granddaughter of the general guy, and there are some hot chicks in this movie. Some good, others not so good. But good or bad, Viper is still pretty hot. Another thing I liked in this movie were the action scenes. Some of them were really good, while others had some shaky cam work and it hurt my eyes a little. One of the best action scenes was the one when Wolverine and some goons were on the train and when they get hit, they get hit hard. The movie was often predictable, but there were scenes that made me go, "Holy sh*t! Didn't predict that." But if there's one thing that makes me mad about this movie, it's this: bone claws. I don't like bone claws. Wolverine is known for his metal claws. It was stupid in X-men Origins and it's stupid now. And there is a scene in the credits that made my jaw drop. I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it, but trust me. It will blow your mind.
Overall, I enjoyed this movie with all my heart! It's action-packed, suspenseful, a bit cheesy and a must for all x-men fans, or wolverine fans. I reward this movie with a 4.5 out of 5, a must buy on DVD.
So what'd you think of the Wolverine? Comment below, let me know. And as all ways, if you liked this review and want to read more, check out my other works to read more.

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