Star Trek

May 16, 2013
Star Trek is set in an alternate timeline and it tells the story of how the crew of the Starship Enterprise came to be as they also battle a mysterious time-traveler Romulan named Nero, who intention is to destroy the Federation.

The character development of this film is absolutely incredible to watch. J.J. Abrams brought back everything that made the old Star Trek films great: Making you care about the characters. Everyone who came in to play the younger version of the crew succeeded at their job, specifically Chris Pine, who does a phenomenal job as James T. Kirk, portraying him as a young rebellious genius kid that will soon become what he was destined to be: Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

One thing that was great to watch was his interaction with Spock, portrayed excellently by Zachary Quinto. Spock in this film is the polar opposite of Kirk, being a young civilized genius. The thing that drove this movie was their interaction between these two characters, as we see them go from hating each other into becoming destined to be friends.

Other than the characters, J.J Abrams does a great job of giving you an alternate universe of the franchise. Unlike most reboots, he acknowledges that the old events in the Star Trek Universe happened, but now this is an alternate timeline. He brings such a new twist to this franchise, as well as bringing in some things from the old franchise, such as Leonard Nimoy as Spock Prime. Every time he says "Live Long and Prosper" in this film, I always jump with glee.

Some of the problems in this film is that the villain named as Nero(Eric Bana) is undeniably a week villain. This villain had good motives, however he didn't come as being a memorable or strong, as well as being easily replacable. Another aspect is that this film had a thing called Lens Flares, in which some people may like, and some people may hate.

Other than that, the thing that J.J Abrams does well is that he delivers easily the most entertaining film in the Star Trek Franchise. Not only is this film an amazingly fun ride, but he also makes us feel that we are abroad the U.S.S Enterprise. Because J.J. Abrams also made a Star Trek film that was not only for Star Trek fans, but a Star Trek film for people who love movies.

So Star Trek will not only please Star Trek fans, but also people who are not familiar to the franchise. J.J. Abrams directed one of the best Star Trek films and Star Trek is AWESOMETACULAR

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