The Croods

April 19, 2013
So The Croods is about when there living environment has been destroyed, they then embark on a journey where they have to find a new home through the help from a guy named Guy(voiced by Ryan Reynolds).

Like I said, when I saw all of the marketing for this film, I thought that this film was going to be total and utter crap. I saw nothing that will have me enjoyed with this film. However, this film has some really great moments. One thing that I liked about this film is the animation. The animation for this film was just so stunning and beautiful to look at.The best piece of animation is from the moment they go into this journey. The world they created was like Pandora from Avatar mixed with Ferngully.

Another thing that I liked was the characters and the voice talent. Everyone in this film was enjoyable and relevant. Usually in a film like this I would hate everyone except two people. But here, everyone did their part well. Not only did the characters had good character development, but they interacted well with each other. The voice talent especially helped with thier characters. Everyone in this film voiced their characters well. I never thought that I was ever going to say this in a film, but Nicolas Cage as the father of The Croods, Grug, was easiest the best part of the film. If a movie can make me like Nicolas Cage in a performance, that movie is already a good movie. I wonder how he was in the recording studio?

Other than Nicolas Cage being the best part of the film, the thing that I really liked the most was the story. I liked the journey that they were going through into finding a new home. I liked the lesson behind it. That adapting to change is how your are going to survive life.This movie also had a lot of scenes that made me laughing. One thing that I did not expect was the emotional moments in this film. There was a couple of times where I felt like tearing up. Yes, I went to the movies expecting Ice Age 4 but with cavemen and came out liking the film.

So The Croods was great family entertainment with some funny and emotional moments, and a great Nicolas Cage performance.This film is Blu-Ray worthy.

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