October 8, 2012
By Trina Mccrary BRONZE, El Dorado, Kansas
Trina Mccrary BRONZE, El Dorado, Kansas
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Death, war, action, and romance, where can you find all of these in one place? Troy.

This movie allows you to experience the intense drama between Paris and King Menelaus and between Hector and Achilles. The basic plot of the movie closely resembles how the story is told in Homers Epic Poem of the Iliad. Troy and Sparta are finally coming to peace, but as in all movies it's a partnership torn apart by a woman. The main characters are Paris, Hector, Achilles, Agamemnon and Helen. Helen the woman who leaves her husband for a younger man thus starting a war, Paris the prince that falls for another mans queen, Hector the brother that has to fight his little brother Paris's battles, Agamemnon the greedy war lord who leads his army to Troy, and Achilles the all to powerful undefeated demi-god rebel. The majority of the movie is set on the beaches of Troy just outside the castle walls as the Greeks fight their way trying to get in, but some of the movie is also inside the walls of Troy with the Princes and their families.

Hector was placed by Eric Bana and Paris was played by Orlando bloom, for these two characters the actors played perfectly! They look almost like they could be brothers they played their parts well. Brad Pitt played Achilles, his acting was marvelous and he had the rough rugged look I would expect from Achilles but I thought a demi-god would be more buff. Adoni Maropis played Agamemnon, for a rich greedy king I expected someone more evil looking, and his acting towards the character he never really seemed angry. Lastly Diane Kruger played the lovely Helen, she fit Helen phenomenally, she was quite standing back which I didn't like, but always stayed in character!

I enjoyed this movie, it was very action filled, had just the right amount of blood without over doing it, most people would think in a war you would see blood covered sand but they kept blood to a minimum. I enjoyed the effects of the fighting and swordplay. The music was great, when parts got intense the music helped tell the story without being overpowering. The parts I did not like were the extremely fake fireballs, just not good graphics on that at all, and there were some unrealistic jumps and spear throwing but I suppose for a demi-god that is how it would be.

I believe that the moral of this story is that, one, don't steal a king's girl, two, Greed doesn't accomplish anything, three, family should always support you (even when your being ridiculous). Four the main moral was that love can overcome anything.

I would recommend this to an audience that loves action, romance, war, or Greek and Roman mythology. I would not recommend this for anyone under the age of 16 due to the fact there is nudity and a lot of violence.

I rate Troy 4 out of 5 starts

The author's comments:
She loves horror movies and romances. She has studied a lot of Greek mythology and is a huge fan. She loves music and shopping. She also enjoys writing stories and poems, but hates writing movie reviews.

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