Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut

May 11, 2012
By officiallyme BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
officiallyme BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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"Wake up. I've been... watching you" whispers an eerie voice to Donnie Darko, a high school student who's not an ordinary teen. Donnie Darko is a dark comedy/psychological drama about an emotionally unstable teen named Donnie Darko and his journey into what looks like insanity. Occurring in a small Town called Middlesex during October of 1988; this movie will captivate any viewer looking for something that is worth watching.
Donnie is a troubled teenager played by Jake Gyllenhaal who is plagued with visions of a six foot tall, demonic bunny rabbit named Frank. Frank saves Donnie from a freak accident involving a plane's propeller falling out of the sky and tells Donnie that the world will end as soon as the month is over. As the month continues, Frank tells Donnie to do reckless things such as flooding his school and burning down a building. The further and further you get in the movie, the more the story unfolds and the truth behind the uncanny happenings is slightly revealed.
Jake Gyllenhaal does an amazing job playing Donnie. He made Donnie this helpless but brave person that you can't help but love. You see Donnie almost become an unreliable hero because you understand how unstable his mental state is, yet there's no other character that would do the film as much justice as Gyllenhaal. The communication between everyone in the film feels as if everybody in the movie knows something that Donnie and the audience does not, and it's up to him, as confused and scared as he is, to figure it out with clues from the creepy and mysterious bunny, Frank.
I love this film mostly because not only did it keep me interested the entire time, but it kept my interest even after it was over. I find movies like Donnie Darko to be absolutely brilliant because they don't need too much to be more than a movie but an idea that has the audience really think. Though this movie didn't do too well at the box office, it has become a cult favorite amongst many people around the world. The story of Donnie Darko is one that could never be fully explained by a single person but interpreted by many.

The author's comments:
Donnie Darko is such a great movie but not a lot of people know about it, this is like and awareness review

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