April 29, 2012
By Cameron Edwards BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
Cameron Edwards BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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Rejection is an all too occurring event for everyone, especially when applying to college. This is especially true for Bartleby “B” Gaines (Justin Long), who was rejected out of every college that he had hoped on into being accepted. When all of his options are running out and his parents start to lose their hope as well, he acquires an outrageous idea. He, with the help of his best friend, Schrader (Jonah Hill), create a fake college, ironically named South Harmon Institute of Technology, to trick his parents into thinking that he finally got accepted. Once this idea actually begins to work, Bartleby’s other rejected friends begin to want in on this plan. They decide to rent out an old mental hospital and clean it out to suffice long enough to trick the parents. They soon find themselves over their heads when Bartleby’s parents dig deeper into this mysterious college, and require the help from Schrader’s uncle (Lewis Black), an ex-dean who uses profanity and vulgar comments to get through life. Soon life goes from superficial to realistic when a horde of similar college rejects show up at South Harmon’s front door. That’s when things start to get unrealistic. Bartleby decides to let the kids choose what courses they would like to take, the result is a large whiteboard full of outrageous classes, from classes like “slacking 101” to a class in bumper stickers. Yet since everyone thinks it’s a real college, Bartleby and all of his friends just live up the luxury of not having to go to a conventional college and the ability to waste the day away and party at night. However the actual South Harmon has different plans for their fake “sister school”, and plot a way to get rid of them. The fake South Harmon soon finds itself caught up in a legal dispute with the government and the real South Harmon to get its accreditation. Even though this is a stereotypical college movie, its humor level makes it a movie to watch if you are just looking to be entertained for an hour and a half and is a movie that I find more interesting every time I watch it.

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