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January 23, 2012
By ThinKnoWrite GOLD, New York City, New York
ThinKnoWrite GOLD, New York City, New York
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Though the days of the VCR are long gone, the demand for excellent old-fashioned stand-up comedy is still high. “Bill Cosby: Himself” satisfies this need with laugh-out-loud humor. Cosby's amusing twists on normal situations keep audiences laughing throughout this spectacular show.

“Bill Cosby: Himself” was filmed in 1983 at the Hamilton Theatre in Canada in front of a live audience. This whimsical performance, including antics about everything from going to the dentist to giving birth, is definitely worth the 105 minutes. Cosby combines stories such as his “people who drink too much” sketch with comedic anecdotes from his life. His facial expressions play a key role in the reason audiences have been laughing for years.

Another reason “Bill Cosby: Himself” has been so popular is because of his routine. When he comes on stage and begins his performance, he is having a conversation with the audience. He doesn't try to force a joke but goes with the flow, taking the audience with him. His jokes are also relatable. From changing stinky baby diapers to dealing with annoying siblings, everyone can relate.

However, this film, along with every other movie out there, has its flaws. Since it's old, the video and sound quality aren't that clear. This film is also not for those who want punchy one-liners. Cosby takes time to develop his jokes.

Nevertheless, “Bill Cosby: Himself” is the best comedy I've ever watched. Cosby's relatable jokes and hilarious expressions are a treat. The live audience laughing and reacting with him make it feel like you are watching him live too.

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