Breaking Dawn

December 13, 2011
By Anonymous

The sun rises on Breaking Dawn.

Drama from the first seconds where Jacob just cant keep his shirt on. Breaking Dawn has drama around each corner. Old people leave, new people come. it was a very exciting movie.If you have read the book you have an idea but you really have to see it to get the full picture.

The plot is very well written in my opinion. Edward and Bella are still in love, so in love they get married. Alice plans the whole wedding so of course it is big and elaborate. Jacob is no where to be found since he saw Bella’s wedding invitation and ran away.
After the wedding Edward takes Bella on an endless trip to a secret island where they have their honeymoon and after the first night Bella wakes up all happy and giddy and pregnant but she didn't know yet. Edward ruined her joy, not by telling her she was pregnant but showing her the bruises he left all over her. For the rest of the honeymoon Edward would not touch her so she was crabby. Then disaster struck she had morning sickness and other things happened and she learned she was pregnant and her life went down hill from there.
The characters are good in this movie. They kept the original characters Alice, Jasper, Charlie,and more. They also have new characters like from the different clans
(can’t spell names so I guess you have to go see the movie) but it is fun to see all the new faces, very pale faces. In the first part of the movie there are no changes in the main characters I believe they didn’t change any characters so far. I think all the characters are good so I think no changes are needed.
There are some major conflict between the characters like Jacob is mad at Bella for marring Edward,Bella is mad at Alice for making the wedding so big(I think she forgives her after she sees it), Jessica thinks Bella is pregnant when she marries Edward. Mike is mad at Jessica for thinking that(I think he doesn't want to believe it him self.)So there are conflicts every minute.
The acting was the best out of the 3 movies. I think the actors went all out because this is their last movie together. I have to say there were some really cheesy parts that they could have done with out but other then that it was like this was there real life.
In conclusion this movie was awesome. It was well written, well acted, and well everything was good. It was like they used the book as a script. They could have done better, like there was no fight when Bella was changing into a vampire but they just HAD to have a fight. It was amazing and everyone should be required to see it, just kidding it is awesome and you should go see it.

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