July 27, 2011
Micmacs (2009) is an extraordinarily witty and hilarious movie. Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, it is classified as an R rated French comedy which tells the tale of a man who plots revenge on two huge weapon making companies after one of their bullets killed his father. However, he does not plot alone.

Bazil (the protagonist) meets several different people such as Elastic Girl, Mama chow, Remington, Buster and others whom are all scavengers living in entirely creatively made dump. After deciding to take revenge on the companies, Bazil and his friends work together to trick, confuse and threaten the CEO's of the companies until Bazil has, to his own accord, reached vengeance.

I am not a huge fan of American comedies, thus, this movie was a great breath of fresh air when it came out in New York City. I can honestly say that this is my favorite comedy. This movie is not only incredibly entertaining because of the constant surprises, but it is a genuine cinematographic example. It is also a great movie to analyze, for their are many symbols that are repeated, and themes to be discussed. For example, the film itself is referred to a "satire on the world arms trade." Watch this movie and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. The surrealism in this film will leave you in tears of joy and the echoes of your laughter will be sufficient enough to prove the marvels of Micmacs.

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