Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

May 18, 2011
By Anonymous

The creators of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, made a truly phenomenal movie. George Lucas, the writer, does not only make the movie adventurous but also historical and educational. In this movie set in the 1930’s, Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford, is an archaeologist who sets off on journeys to find hidden artifacts. Dr. Belloq who is played by Paul Freeman, played the role of Nazis. Every time they return, you are sitting there biting your nails and wanting to know what happens. Belloq against Indiana Jones is a fight worth watching every time. John Rhys- Davies who plays Sallah assists Indiana Jones to retrieve the ark.
Harrison Ford does a great job at playing Indiana Jones who is a fearless, lovable character. Harrison Ford provides us with so much action beginning from the first scene when he is retrieving an artifact, to the end when he is fighting Dr. Belloq and other Nazis. Paul Freeman’s return always is surprising. George Lucas does a great job at bringing in Dr. Belloq when you don’t expect it. His arrival is always a surprise and you are itching to know what happens next.
George Lucas starts out with an exhilarating scene where Jones is on his own, trying to go through webs, dodge a boulder, and making sure not to step on the wrong rock. From the beginning the audience is already intrigued by this. This movie is able to grasp the audience’s attention from the start of the movie. When Indiana at a bar, he explains the true meaning of the ark to Dr. Belloq. Jones understands the ark should not be in the hands of people who are hungry for power like Dr. Belloq.
After the opening scene, Jones is in a classroom teaching students and this scene briefly explains his job as a professor and an archaeologist. Jones has to explain what the ark is to government officials. Jones not only teaches the government officials what the ark is, but he also educates the audience on what the ark is in order to understand the movie and the purpose of taking the journey to retrieve the ark.
While Indiana Jones is in Nepal to retrieve a medallion, he reunites with Marion, who is played by Karen Allen. Indiana and Marion had a relationship in the past but Marion is unsure on whether she should help Indiana retrieve this ark by giving him the medallion. Marion’s cunning and brave attitude is something you notice from the beginning. Marion’s character is always willing to go with Indiana on his journeys. Indiana must go to her to retrieve this medallion because she is in possession of it. The scene where Marion is introduced is a bit confusing on why Marion is angry with Indiana.
Steven Spielberg does a great job in adding comedy to the movie. During a scene in which Indiana Jones is fighting a giant, strong man, Indiana Jones is reluctant to fight but he does. This fight is hilarious at moments because of the person’s attitude. Indiana’s intelligence beats the man’s strength.
Raiders of the Lost Ark’s specials effects are amazing for the first time it is being used. From the beginning to the end, the special effects are realistic starting from the boulder which expresses the time of the early Aztecs and Mayans. They did a great job with the setting of Egypt. Although the melting heads were made of wax, it expressed the creativity for this time period.
The special effects and the story were incredible. It was a bit confusing to understand because of the transitioning. Overall the movie was excellent and was great at expressing this period of time.

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