How Do You Know?

April 8, 2011
In today’s movie world, there are hardly any really interesting and good movies left. It seems as if movie studios have run out of ideas because most movies are either remakes of a previous movie that has been made in the past, the studios do not have enough money to make good movies, or the movies just have bad scripts and plots. The movie, How Do You Know? falls under that last category and only made $7,484,696 on its opening weekend. How Do You Know? is not a good movie because the plot was boring, the script was not well written, and the movie itself was achingly long.

The plot in How Do You Know? was one of the most boring plots since Sherlock Holmes. During the whole movie nothing really interesting was happening: there were no action scenes, the romance was very dull and unoriginal, the drama was basically nonexistent, and the movie was not funny enough to even considered to be a comedy. Not even great actors like Owen Wilson, Reese Witherspoon, and Jack Nicholson could get this film anywhere near being a hit.

Even the script in How Do You Know? is horrible. It majorly depends on pseudo tosh like “don’t judge anybody before you check yourself out” and “where there is no struggle[,] there is no strength” (Young 2). Most of the lines are cheesy and it is evident that the script was not well thought-out. Even David Edwards from the Daily Mirror in the UK agrees, “Despite that best efforts of all involved, trying to praise laughs out of How Do You Know? is like trying to make concrete float.” The movie was supposed to be a comedy, but because of the script it was barely even amusing.

It was unmistakable half way through the movie what was going to happen, yet the movie was dragged out for an agonizing one hundred twenty-two minutes. Graham Young from the Birmingham Post says, “Every scene is an achingly long and laboured as the film’s instantly forgettable title.” And Simon Foster said, “Running a dire forty minutes longer than it needed to be and favouring static two-shots for long-winded passages of mirthless yakking, the film’s momentum is utterly becalmed at regular intervals.” If a movie just keeps going , then it will make people even more bored with it.

Overall, How Do You Know? was just not a success in any category. But the most failure was in the plot, the poorly written script, and how achingly long the entire film was.

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