Nacho Libre

March 24, 2011
By GrandPappyMeech BRONZE, Circleville, New York
GrandPappyMeech BRONZE, Circleville, New York
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At first, I thought this movie would be about a boring guy who works/lives at a church to cook for the children and other people there, but it wasn’t. This movie is a hilarious comedy about a Mexican church worker. He falls in love with one of the sisters there. He finds a homeless guy who tries to steal from him. Him and the homeless guy become wrestlers and get famous. He calls himself Nacho.

This movie is amazing and is a good time for the whole family. There is no profanity and only comical violence. I promise you that no other comedy like this will ever keep you entertained like this movie can. Whenever I watch this movie, either with my brother or by myself, I always laugh. Then I’ll make jokes about it all day, sometimes all week.

All the jokes in this movie are original. I have never heard these kinds of jokes before. It is something new when it comes to comedy. These jokes will keep you laughing all day. When you’re reading a book after watching this movie, you’ll find yourself laughing for no reason besides the fact that you’ll be remembering parts of this movie. But be careful. My parents and I were watching a show about death and I randomly started laughing because I started thinking about this movie.

This movie may be the greatest movie of all time. The storyline was original and the jokes were hysterical. In my opinion, you could watch this movie all day and still find it funny and entertaining in the end. This is a very simple movie, but it was created in such a way that it grabs your attention by the first line.

Looking at this movie all together, it is extremely enjoyable and hilarious. I would highly recommend seeing this movie. Unless you’re against having a good time and laughing you should definitely see this movie.

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on Apr. 15 2011 at 1:32 pm
Sometimes, you need thee STRETCHY pants. :)


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