The King is Speaking Very Well

March 11, 2011
By broadway_broad SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
broadway_broad SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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The test of public speech is seemingly one of the largest fears people have to conquer in a lifetime. In the movie, The King’s Speech, the soon-to-be King George VI (Colin Firth), is trying to address his speech impediment with the help and treatment of many doctors and speech professionals whom state to be the best in the country. He cannot seem to find anyone who can help him with his shudder until his wife, Queen Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter), finds a bit wacky, off the beaten trail actor and speech extraordinaire, Lionel Logue, (Geoffrey Rush) who seems he can finally help the royal. As the soon-to- be king and Lionel venture on what seems to be a hopeless cause, they form both a friendship and bond that changes the way the class system and common man is looked it. The moral of the movie is that with perseverance, anything can be achieved.
This enchantingly, British film brings the viewer into the personal life of a royal and tells the story for what it was. Most do not believe that the crown can have problems, but they sure do. Colin Firth is simply stunning in the film. He brings a likeability factor to the king right away pulling the audience into a not so familiar story line. Helena Bonham Carter, normally playing heavier character roles full of evil and mystery, takes back to her roots of subtle, truthful acting that has not been seen since her pre-Tim Burton days. Geoffrey Rush is supremely awesome in the role of Lionel. He is just quirky enough to be both relatable and for it to be believable that he is working with a king. This movie well deserved its Oscar wins. Disappointment strikes with the idea that Geoffrey Rush was not nominated for a supporting actor award. He thoroughly deserved it. This movie is worth 2983479832 stars in my book.

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Oscar winning movie of the year!

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