February 22, 2011
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Have you ever wonder what Earth will be like in the future? Wall-e explores what Earth might be like if we keep polluting and creating more and more garbage. After landfills fill up, there’s no where else to put the trash and the entire earth becomes a dump. When it becomes too much to bear, they leave on space ships designed similar to a cruise ship and leave the clean-up to little robots who compact the trash into little boxes so they’d have room to live. After about 700 years, there was only one left, Wall-e.

Wall-e is a quirky, curious little robot, but is very lonely. The only thing he has to keep him company is a cock-roach. But then Eve comes. She is a pretty new robot designed to see if any sort of vegetation has grown on Earth and Wall-e falls for her. He shows her his collection of random things left here and a plant he found and stuck in a shoe. Eve immediately shuts down and is later flown back to the ship- with Wall-e tagging along. Once aboard, you see that the people had become overweight due to microgravity and constantly being driven around in chairs and using the ship’s fully automated systems. All tasks on board are done by robots.

Wall-e helps the humans discover the world beyond their computer screens. The people had become so used to only communicating through video chat (or, presumably, email, IM, and text) when Wall-e accidentally disconnected two people’s computers, they realized how it felt to talk to people face-to-face and actually saw the boat and all its features they never knew it had. That displays just one of Wall-e’s themes: there is a world beyond your computer screens. Many people spend so much time with technology; they don’t know how to interact with people in person and are oblivious to the world around them. That’s a good theme for teens and for the more tech-savvy children and adults.

There’s also a more obvious theme: pollution. Their entire world’s trashed from pollution and people buying and producing more than possibly can be used.

So, overall I liked the movie and would defiantly recommend it. The plot was well thought out, the animation was done well, and the characters were hilarious. Not to mention the cute little romance between Wall-e and Eve. It had good themes and was perfect for all ages. I’d defiantly give it two thumps up!

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