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February 1, 2011
By Karla Moreno BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
Karla Moreno BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
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Ten love stories intertwine on the magical day of February 14: a florist and his boss, a gay football player, a schoolboy in love with his teacher, an older couple dealing with infidelity, a young pair dealing with lust, another young couple contemplating having sex, a PR agent going through a mid‑life crisis, and so on.

This exceptional film has a style similar to the British Christmas flick “Love Actually.” What sets this film apart from other love‑themed movies is that it links several stories in one city, Los Angeles. As you watch, you'll probably connect with at least one of the characters and, depending on which, you will laugh, cry, want to run out of the theater, or rekindle an old flame.

Throughout the movie, a reporter does a story on what people believe Valentine's Day is about. Some believe it's about the sex, others that it is synonymous with a dozen red roses and a singing card, and some that it is a day to mourn their lonely life. However, none actually defines what or whom their love may be.

Although this movie may be a stereotypical chick‑flick, I recommend it to anyone. “Valentine's Day” will give you the perfect excuse to release all your emotions, even those you didn't know were there.

This movie gives us a glimpse of what love can be. Yes, love is supposed to be patient, kind, not boastful and so on, but the truth is that everything we see around us is the product of some kind of love, right? This is the movie's message, and it accomplishes it in not only making one see it, but also believe it.

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