The Other Guys

October 14, 2010
By Anonymous

There are no other guys you want to see except the guys in the comedy movie, the Other Guys directed by Adam McKay that bring action and comedy to your screen. This is a movie you want to see with the family and the people you like spending time.

The other guys played as Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) and Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg) is the guys that are not even notice for what they do. Up until Danson and Highsmith die after jumping of a high building trying to land on some bushes. The most popular cops in the city of New York, Detective Christopher Danson (Dwayne Johnson) and Detective PK Highsmith (Samuel L. Jackson) were the best for the job but now the other guys were in for it. That's when Allen Gamble and Terry Hoitz step in for the job as Detectives of the city of New York.

Now Detective Gamble has a been investigating a case about a multi-billionaire David Ershon (Steve Coogan) that leads him to a bigger resolution to his case. Detective Gamble and Detective Hoitz start on the case that Gamble's had been working on but they end up going different ways. They didn't have enough evidence for the case and Captain Gene Mauch (Michael Keaton) told them not to work on the case. This is when Allen and Terry go different ways; Allen still works on the case while Terry is a stop light police officer and doesn't want to go back to the job. While Allen is working on the case he finds enough evidence for the case and tells Terry about it. He convinces him to help him out for he is his best friend and that he is the only one to help him out. They go to a meeting were David Ershon had held the New York Lottery Office and the $32 billion is coming from the New York Police retirement foundation. Detectives Gamble and Hoitz get arrest Ershon while he is in the meeting and all hell breaks lose. Gamble and Hoitz try taking Ershon out of the building but the corrupted CEO agent stops them Roger Wesley (Ray Stevenson) and they get both get shot. Allen and Terry get save because the Captain Gene Mauch and the police officers come in time to save them. This were a good movie ends were they turn in Ershon in they restore peace and the other guys become the hero's of there city.

The author's comments:
This a movie you want to see with a lot of comedy and action for you and the family to enjoy.

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