Despicable Me

July 14, 2010
By FluteLovinMeagan GOLD, Tampa, Florida
FluteLovinMeagan GOLD, Tampa, Florida
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“ Does this sound count as annoying” …. “ Yes, very annoying”

When the idea of cartoons come to mind, most people think of children, or the relevance of children and figures dancing around on screen, made from ink and technology. Technology can only go so far, so with all these cartoon movies being made, they begin to look plain, Despicable Me, however was by far the most un-plain movie I have ever seen. At first the movie seemed like it would only catch the eyes of youngsters, however it dragged me in, as well. Gru, is an evil scientist who is known for being despicable to and mean, but when the Egyptian pyramids go missing and he is discovered to not doing the evil deed, he is frowned upon. Gru is out casted because he is not hip and new, like the young kid who stole the pyramids, no, he is old and therefore forgotten. This movie even though cast into a cartoon, has many points of reality thrown into it. For one, in today’s generation so many adults are not mixing well with the youth, because the youth is outdating the population, based on trends and behavior that is pushing the adults into an unknown world of strangeness.

Gru, then decides he will do something terribly evil, so he will be known again and not forgotten, he decides to shrink the moon and hold it for ransom till he gets whatever he wants. Gru lacks money, so he decides to adopt three little girls and use their money from selling cookies, to go through with his evil mastermind of a plan. Like Gru, in reality so many people want things that they can’t afford, so they find ways to achieve their goals, not knowing that what they did was not for them but for the profit of it. After adopting the three orphans he believes that all he has to do is raise the money, return them, and all is well, but that isn’t how things went. All during Gru’s childhood he had a mother who ignored him, pushed him aside, didn’t care about his achievements or failures, so he grew up with the feeling that know one would care or appreciate him. After spending a few days with the girls, Gru’s emotions began to change, he realized that their were more important things in life than beating someone else, or becoming the evilest person in the world. The girls grow on him, because they care about him, they had never been adopted and then this evil scientist comes along and instead of changing their lives, they change his miraculously boring life. Gru learned an important lesson that implies to everyday life. Once he got what he wanted, which was the moon in his possession, he realized that life wasn’t just about being number one or getting what ever you want, because on the day that he gathered up the moon, he missed the children’s dance recital which he promised he would attend. After missing the biggest event in his life, he realized that the kids meant more to him than evil because they helped to give him a heart, they actually cared about him.

The world is full of so many surprises around us, but so many of us just want to achieve our own personal goals, that we tend to push others away, we don’t realized how important they are to us, until its to late. We all have past and we all have futures, but so many of us want to give up because our past are dragging us down, or were to tragic to forget ,but the past is not a part of us anymore, no, the future is just a door ahead. This movie will leave tears in your eyes, because everyone has a chance to change, cartoon or not, a person is a person, so just like Gru, we can all wake up one day and throw our old selves away, and begin a new life, living with what we have, before its gone.

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on Jan. 27 2011 at 8:03 am
Don't worry about how much this reveals. It isn't even right information so I think you are good. This would be a good review if it had been about the right movie. I don't think I watched the same one because that is sooooo not the plot of it. (In case you couldn't tell I think this review is kinda crappy.) :)

on Aug. 6 2010 at 4:53 pm
DiamondsIntheGrass GOLD, Martinsville, New Jersey
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this tells too much of the story!  very discriptive, but maybe a little too discriptive?

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