no country for old men

May 25, 2010
In the beginning of No Country for Old Men, instantly there is action. After coming across a drug deal gone bad and a brief case with two million dollars stuffed inside, a hunter becomes the hunted. If you like action and suspense you need to watch this shocking movie. The Minnesota filmmakers Ethan and Joel Coen, did a wonderful job producing this awesome movie.

The plot of this movie is very understandable, a crazed psychopathic killer is hunting an average Texan man that has his two million dollars. Nobody would quit hunting for their two million dollars until they get it. This movie has enough action to drag you to the end. So if you prefer boring movies this movie is definitely not for you.

The very famous actor Tommy Lee Jones, the one most of you know plays the key part as the sheriff. Jones has always been a couple steps behind the other two main characters, crazed killer( Javier Bardem) and Josh Brolin, the man with the money. Bardems character, Anton Chigurh, has absolutely no sense of humor and is without a doubt a cold blooded killer. He will not quit hunting Lleweyln Moss, Josh Brolins character until he gets his money. Lleweyln Moss is an average Texan man just trying to get away with what he believes is his two million dollars.

Why would I watch this movie? There are many answers to that question. Throughout this movie from beginning to end is non-stop action and suspense. The suspense in this movie is brilliant. There are many scenes in this movie where the viewers have no idea what is going to happen. You will be shocked and wont believe how this amazing movie ends.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet and you like action packed suspense filled movies, this is a must watch. If I haven’t gotten it through your head yet, I will say it again, this movie is packed with action and is a must watch for anybody. No one will be sorry that they watched this movie.

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