Shutter Island

May 21, 2010
By Anonymous

Shutter Island was released on February 19 2010 and directed by Martin Scorsese. Like many other viewers I went to see the movie expecting a suspenseful horror movie but Shutter Island surprised me with its complex, mysterious, and unexpected plot line. It begins with U.S Marshall, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, being assigned to a case to find a missing patient at Shutter Islands’s Aschecliffe Hospital for the criminally insane. Only the worst and uncontrollable patients end up here. While Teddy searches for this woman he begins to unravel another mystery surrounding the hospital. He believes experimental brain surgeries are going on at the hospital. Just when he is hot on the trail the missing woman shows back up out of thin air, as if she had never escaped. It seems as if the people on the island do not want him there but he knows too much now to ever leave. As Teddy desperately searches for a way off the island he begins to doubt his own partner, the truth behind the mystery, and even his own sanity.

This movie had me at the edge of my seat the whole time. As soon as I thought I knew the answer to the mystery it would take a wild turn and leave you baffled once again. At the end there is a huge twist that seems so genius and perfect for the movie. Shutter Island gave me so much more than a simple horror movie, it left me thinking and wondering throughout and long after the movie was over.

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