John Hughes’ biggest ‘80’s hits

April 28, 2010
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Sixteen candles
In Sam’s life her brother is a pain and her family is very…well…different. But one day it got even worse, her whole family forgot her birthday. Molly Ringwald stars as Samantha baker in the movie Sixteen Candles. This is a movie your family would definitely enjoy. This movie’s rating is FOUR STARS. The movie includes romance, comedy, family, and friends. It is also rated PG. It starts out as a normal day for Sam except, she’s expecting a big birthday surprise because it’s her 16th birthday. When she goes down the stairs she doesn’t even get a happy birthday only a smart remark from her annoying younger brother. The movie takes place in an 80’s high school where there are many social groups. While Sam is just in an average group there are many others. There’s a nerd group, a popular group, and a jock group (which are the athletes.) Sam is also in love with one of the jocks but he is already taken. To make her day worse her grandparents unexpectedly show up at her house and make her really embarrassed by saying some very personal things. Will Sam’s family remember her birthday? Can she survive with her grandparents in her house? Can Sam get the guy of her dreams? Well if you want to find out what happens then you should definitely watch this movie. If you’d like to see more movies starring Molly Ringwald and directed by john Hughes, then you should watch The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink.

The Breakfast club
Speaking of the Breakfast Club. Five high school students have detention on a Saturday for eight hours starting from 7:00a.m until 3:00p.m. Each student has a stereotype “the Athlete, the Princess, the Brain, the Basket case, and the criminal.” The athlete is deeply into sports and says he’s always a winner and is as fast as a race horse and is built for speed. The princess, played by Molly Ringwood, is the girl that always gets stuff that she wants from her dad, when she doesn’t even need the stuff. The brain is the smartest one and is also the nerd that dresses in fashions his parents pick out for him. The basket-case is the girl that has many different problems (seriously she does have lots of problems.) And finally there is the criminal; he’s the guy that does lots of bad things like: doing drugs, getting detentions, and swearing a lot. This movie is very true if you watch it. Some of the things they say really do happen in real life. The things that tend to be true are family issues and doing wrong things like abusing others. The movie has adult language, friendship, home life, love, emotion, and friendship. This is a movie your family would really enjoy. The content is not suitable for young children because there’s drug use, bad language, and some inappropriate scenes. It’s a movie only for teens and adults. Hopefully this is a movie that you will truly enjoy.

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