Why Did I Get Married Too? Review

April 18, 2010
By SowmyaA SILVER, San Jose, California
SowmyaA SILVER, San Jose, California
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Tyler Perry’s box office hit Why Did I Get Married? now has a sequel in Why Did I Get Married Too? For those who do not know Tyler Perry will hopefully go watch this film and understand how one movie can be dramatic, comedic, romantic, and feature a whole lot of crazy with Angela (I will explain later).

This sequel embarks on a journey of four well-to-do Atlanta couples who take a retreat once a year. This vacation’s purpose it to answer the question married people ask themselves; why did I get married? The sequel takes the four married couples (Terry & Dianne, Marcus & Angela, Gavin & Patricia, and Troy & Shelia) to the glorious islands of the Bahamas. However, paradise is ruined with the addition of Mike, Shelia’s abusive ex-husband. With this unpredictable character in the mix, every couple’s marriage troubles progressively expose lies, secrets and betrayals.

Tyler Perry once again becomes the jack of all trades, writing, producing, directing and acting in the film, just as in the original. As a fan of Perry’s previous scripts, this script is decent. Perry has the style of spelling premises out for the viewers, so the film is easy to follow, yet does not take artistic risk. The pace of the film was appropriate; however here are mundane moments and the ending is not definite. The acting of all is decent, due to the nature of the script, yet the stand out is surprisingly Janet Jackson who plays Patricia, the award winning psychologist who loses her son in a car accident and still harbors that tragedy in her veins. The main comedian of the film is Tasha Smith’s character Angela, the loud-mouth, crazy, blunt, alcoholic whose sole goal in the film is to obtain her husband’s cell phone password. The cinematography and direction are basic and do not need to be complicated because the film is driven by the characters, so everything else takes a backseat.

Overall Why Did I Get Married Too? is a decent flick if you are looking for a little laughter, drama, and an entertaining journey up until the end with a decent script This film is not one of those films that are universally enjoyed, but for some, it just might be their cup of tea.

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