Letters to God

April 18, 2010
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Letters to God.

The movie letters to god was an inspirational movie that made me see that there was more to life. This isn’t a movie you should go to and say “oh this is going to be sad; I’m going to cry so hard” It’s absolutely NOTHING like that, it’s a life lesson based on a true story, it’s something that more than the eye can see. It’s truly amazing.

Never had I seen a sadder, a more spoken movie in my life. If I were to rate it I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars. Even though I feel sick about blood and all that kind of stuff, I could feel Tyler’s pain. I could actually feel the blood going into me; I could feel the tubes attached to me. That’s how good that movie was.

This movie was about an 8 year old boy who was diagnosed with brain cancer and how he wrote letters to God. The mailman (Brady) who had received them didn’t know what to do with them so he asked the preacher at the nearby church and he told him that it was a sign. Brady starts to play with Tyler because he had a son who was taken away from him and now Tyler was like a son to him.

I advise you to see this movie, it will change the way you think about cancer. I know you may thing ‘Well I already saw my sisters keeper’ well that movie wasn’t based on a true story unlike ‘letters to God’. And if you do I would also advise you to bring a tissue or a handkerchief just in case.

Tyler died in the year of 1995, the year my parents got married. It was just truly inspirational and I hope you take this message to go see the movie and teach you about cancer.

Will it change the way you think about people who are ill? I’m just hoping.
Will it make you understand more about brain cancer? I hope it does.
Will it inspire you? I hope it does.

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