Bride Wars

November 25, 2009
By brittgrace13 SILVER, Sunman, Indiana
brittgrace13 SILVER, Sunman, Indiana
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Bride Wars is a movie about two best friends, both getting married, hoping to be each other's maid of honor, until they find out they are getting married on the same date. In this romantic comedy, Emma and Liv have both always dreamed of having a June wedding at the Plaza. Due to their mistaking logic and a third stubborn bride, total chaos breaks out throughout the movie. Playing the character of Liv, Kate Hudson stars as the lawyer taking nothing less than perfection while Emma, Anne Hathaway, plays the sweet school teacher. The two best friends seem happy as things seem to go as planned, but when they find out they are to be wed on the same day, their true monstrous selves show as they hurry for final wedding arrangements.

There are many reasons why this movie was a big hit. For example, the scenes in the movie do not jump around and there aren’t any plot holes. Also, the dialogue is very understandable and easy to follow. One major thing in this movie is the great acting by Hudson and Hathaway. The two are a great pair and they make the movie come to life. Bride Wars also has lots of humorous moments. Some of the situations Liv and Emma put upon each other, in order to have their way with their weddings, are downright hilarious. For example, When Emma and Liv really start to get into their devious plans, Emma turns Liv’s hair blue. In return, Liv makes Emma turn orange, instead of the wedding glow she wanted.

Although this great movie has many entertaining pros, it also has one major con. The movie is very predictable. In the beginning of the movie, Emma and Liv are best friends, but in the middle, they get jealous of one another by who gets proposed to first. That causes conflict between them, but towards the end they are best friends all over again.

I thought Bride Wars was an overall great movie. While some people are looking forward to Bride Wars being a total comedy, the movie also has many romantic scenes and some that make you want to cry. Filled with jealousy, humor, and dramatic effect, lovers of the romantic comedies wouldn’t want to miss this amusing flick. I thought the movie was great, and seemed to be the romantic comedy I have been waiting to see. This PG-rated movie is one all will love.

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