New Moon

November 22, 2009
By Reel17 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Reel17 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Twilight came out and everybody loved it (well not everybody, but almost everybody) Now we have New Moon the sequel to twilight. Now I am a big fan of the twilight books, especailly new moons. Twilight movie was ok, the book was better. So when I saw the trailer, the commercails and the advertisement I was like OK new moons don't be a sequel slump, don't try to be better than the book. And it didn't, I liked it a lot. I wasn't dissapointed. I usually hate sequels, they never would satisfy me (dead mans chest, x2 united, spider man 2) I would like the first ones, but never the sequels and New moon made sure I would like the sequel.
It centers Bella's longing for Edward when he leaves her and she forms a really tight relationship with Jacob Black. The hottie that she's been knowing ever since she was a kid. People are probably saying "you only liked it because Taylor Lautner has his shirt off" or "of course you like it because you're nothing but a twilight freak
Both are so wrong, I like it because it was really good and Taylor Lautner happened to have his shirt off. (which btw girls it's pretty nice) I recommend this movie to everybody

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