Last Chance Harvey

July 11, 2009
By Penelope Feather BRONZE, Fair Oaks, California
Penelope Feather BRONZE, Fair Oaks, California
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The film follows two lonely people: Harvey Shine (Dustin Hoffman) is an New York commercial jingle writer, whose dream - long ago given up - was to be a jazz pianist, and whose job is in jeopardy. Kate Walker (Emma Thompson) is a single Londoner, cautious about romance after past disappointments, who works at a boring job collecting statistics at Heathrow Airport, and gets frequent calls from her neurotic mother (Eileen Atkins) and none from anybody else.
Of course, they meet, she helps him solve his problems with his family, and then they fall in love. But you'd expect, since she helped solve his problems, he would help her. But instead, he acquires some stalkerish characteristics. On a young, cute man this would be fine. But this man is old enough to be her father!
She complains to him about how her mother has been clingy and neurotic since her dad left. But we never see them solve their problems.
I also remember the description for this movie claiming to be a romantic comedy. Well, it had plenty romance, but it was quite lacking in comedy.
You would expect great actors like Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman to have more interesting characters.
Overall, the plot had a lot of potential, and it had a great cast. But the dialogue, the script, needs a lot of improvement!
If your looking for a bore, you should definitely see “Last Chance Harvey”

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