Quantum of Solace

December 11, 2008
By Anonymous

007: Quantum of Solace is an action-adventure movie about how James Bond (Daniel Craig) seeks vengeance over his lovers decease. The movie was exhilarating from start to finish and people who like James Bond movies and people who also like action movie would really enjoy this film. Daniel Craig did a good impersonation of James Bond just like he did on his last movie Casino Royale. The main characters are James Bond (protagonist), M (main character), Dominic Greene(antagonist), and Camille(main character). It was a very good action movie.
James Bond is a burly and shrewd agent but he is motivated by his retribution. Dominic Greene is a rich powerful tyrant but he wants to get even richer. M is the leader of the British Agency, she always wants the best of her agents, and she does not like when they are aggravated by the wrong reasons. Camille is a girl that is seeking revenge on General Medrano (secondary character) for killing her father and then burning her house. All of the actors played their role well but I think that Daniel Craig won't do as well as Pierce Brosnan.
When comparing this movie to some other movies of the same genre I think that this movie would be at the top but not at number one. There are some other movies that are better than this one because with 007: Quantum of Solace you can almost predict what is going to happen next, but in some parts of the movie it is electrifying. My favorite scene was when James Bond was fleeing from 2 other cars in a high way with a lot of traffic then James drives into a dirt road that is in a precipitous mountain. My overall impression of this movie was good, it was adventurous and there were some parts of the film where to movie got boring but other section got you excited.

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morainj said...
on Sep. 24 2009 at 6:17 pm
Your review was very good in most of the parts you spoke of. In your review, you described some scenes well, but had some gramatical errors. For example, your second sentance was a run-on. Also, in the first sentance of the second paragraph, you should have used "that" instead of "but". On the other hand, the review was very helpful and exzillerating and i have watched this movie many times.

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