May 21, 2009
By alexandra love BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
alexandra love BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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The other day I watched a new release called Fighting starring Channing Tatum. I had originally just gone to see the movie because I like the actor. However, once the movie began I could tell I would thoroughly enjoy it. Obviously the name tells what the movie is about; although it was so much more than that. Shawn (Channing Tatum) lives on the streets and sells anything that he can make a few dollars profit. The movie begins where he is at a corner selling iPods and children's books when several boys attack him trying to take the goods he has and what little money is in his pocket. In order to defend what is his he begins fighting the boys just to keep them off of him. A hustler, Harvey (Terrance Howard) watches Shawn fight and decides he could make money off of him in street fighting. Harvey takes the kid, makes him an offer and begins getting him fights making thousands of dollars. With his new money Shawn begins trying to romance a beautiful, young mother Zulay (Zulay Henao) and buys her a quick lunch and a bunny from off the street. Shawn begins getting deeper into the fighting world and when he finds out Harvey and Zulay are involved in business together he decides he wants out. His last fight that Harvey has arranged is worth one hundred thousand dollars. However, the cost is fighting a brother. The opponent is a man that grew up with Shawn; they were on the same wrestling team in high school, Shawn's father as their coach. While Harvey asks Shawn to throw the fight, Zulay places large amounts of Harvey's money on Shawn to win. The night of the fight Shawn hits harder than he has ever before, however right when it looks as if the opponent will win he comes back and with several more hits the opponent goes down and Shawn is the winner. He gets the one hundred thousand dollars and to Harvey's surprise, he is now rich from all the money Zulay bet for him. Zulay, Shawn, and Harvey all leave the streets of New York with a lot of money in their pockets and new expectations from life. I enjoyed this movie greatly, the plot was well thought out and it showed that no matter where you come from, you can become better, it just takes hard work and courage.

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