No Reservations

April 16, 2009
By Zack Smith BRONZE, Lockwood, Missouri
Zack Smith BRONZE, Lockwood, Missouri
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The superb background of No Reservations truly pin points the stressful “sides” of being a top ranking chef. Adding the “spice” of being a mother, when motherhood is a foreign “ingrediant” to you also adds to the beauty and “deliciousness” of this film. Im sure many people can relate to this film, because of the many “ingrediants” from the plot. My relation to the film is that of the passion of cooking that Kate (Catherine Zeta Jones) exhibits throughout the movie. Also another relation that we share is that of adaptability. Being able to assume a role without having any preparation time. Like Kate becoming a mother for her neise.

My opinion about No Reservations is that it is a movie to watch, especially if you relate so closely to Kate or at all dealing with her surroundings. I find it to be truly phenominal. A “recipe” of passon, promise, & persistance. One woman's decision to change the future of three with the action of one. All leading to a Happy Ending. Bon Appetite my film fans.

The author's comments:
I wrote this review for the sole purpose of defining the beauty and determination this movie exhibits.

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