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Billy Madison

August 17, 2019
By Anonymous

Billy Madison is a surprisingly charming comedy that revolves around Billy Madison, a man-child that happens to be the son of a wealthy owner of a large company. Because Billy's family has so much money, he has basically been just another spoiled rich kid for his whole life, without ever worrying about making money or getting a job. Without any worries or cares in the world, Billy spends his days partying and drinking with his friends, not doing anything productive or even being worried about such. However, this all changes when Billy's father, Brian, realizes that he needs to decide who will take over the company one day. Unsure if it should be his associate, Eric, who is conniving behind Brian's back, or his son, who hasn't accomplished anything in his entire life, Brian comes to the conclusion that an ultimatum is in order. To stop his son's irresponsible and unhelpful style of life, he comes up with the plan of making his son go back to school. Because Billy only got through school due to his father's influence and help, Brian decides that Billy must retake every grade again and pass within in twenty-four weeks. If he fails, the company goes to Eric, but if he succeeds, Billy ends up getting the company and proving to himself and to the world that he's capable of being a real adult. However, this means that Billy is going to have to do one of his more difficult challenges yet, because Billy will soon learn that without his father's bribes and help throughout his education, learning is so much harder than he originally suspected. 

Billy Madison proves to be a silly comedy that lacks possessing any real message, but despite this, the movie still manages to be an enjoyable adventure that will be sure to entertain. The beginning of the movie seamlessly introduces audiences to Billy Madison, as well as his way of life, which is a crucial part of his story arc and who he is as a character. The middle of the movie does a great job of progressing the story along and adding new details to the story to aid in making the film substantially more interesting. While the enticing ending of the movie is far from sophisticated or that complex, it does manage to wrap up the story with ease. The actual conclusion ties back together with the beginning of the movie to create a mostly cohesive story that ensures that the movie ends on a high note. 

 Billy Madison is certainly not for everybody. The plot of the movie has plenty of holes, and there are significant portions that are nothing but the crude nonsense that Adam Sandler is famous for putting in his movies. While these might be comedic for some, those looking for an advanced film with a real message should definitely avoid this venture into crude silliness. 

 Billy Madison greatly benefits from a tremendous performance from Adam Sandler as the lead, Billy Madison. Adam Sandler is terrific as the character and manages to pour plenty of humor into the role. Without a doubt, the movie is placed on his shoulders, and for the most part, Sandler successfully carries the movie. Regardless of how people feel about the movie, it is apparent that Sandler is a real star with this one. He completely captures the personality of Billy Madison and ensures that the character can actually become likable, which is fairly difficult, considering that he doesn't have much going for him. 

 Billy Madison is a hilarious movie that will be sure to provide laughs but not much else. This comedy may not be that intelligent or clever, but it is still considered to be funny by many, evidenced by the outstanding 91% of Google users that liked the movie. This may not be Adam Sandler's best movie, but without a doubt, it still acts as a serviceable comedy. 

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"Where's my snack pack!" - Billy Madison

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