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Avengers: Endgame: Was it Worth it?

July 14, 2019
By Jammy_Ar BRONZE, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Jammy_Ar BRONZE, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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The peak movie of 2019. The movie that every Marvel fan was waiting for. The movie to end the 10-year franchise and series. The answers to all of the questions that were left from Avengers: Infinity War. The 3-hour long phenomenon that swept the whole world... 

...And boy, was it good! 

The hype for it was definitely fulfilled. I’ve watched it two times, both times equally great. One on opening weekend and the other recently when the movie was put in movie theaters again for the sole purpose of surpassing Avatar in sales. Avengers: Endgame first came out with a whopping $1.2 billion on opening weekend, breaking records for the most money made in years. Now, there will be spoilers for this movie in this review, but if you haven’t seen the movie yet, I wonder, where have you been?

The movie began immediately after Avengers: Infinity War, with the original Avengers trying to find Thanos and bring back the rest of the universe that went missing after the snap with the Infinity Gauntlet. 5 years later, Tony Stark, the famous Iron Man, went into solitude with his wife, Pepper, while the other Avengers, Captain America, Black Widow, War Machine, Rocket, Thor, and Hulk began their search to bring back all of their friends and family. Ant-man shows up and proposes time travel, which incites the plot as the Avengers travel back in time to bring the infinity stones and recreate the infinity gauntlet. Towards the middle of the movie, the Avengers figure it out and all go back in time to bring back all of the infinity stones to recreate the gauntlet and bring everyone they love back. Although they go through some struggles, the superheroes manage to get all of the Infinity stones, but Thanos finds out and goes to the present to stop them from doing so.  The story ended with two of the original 6 Avengers dying, Black Widow and Iron Man. 

The movie brought out a lot of feelings in me. It brought me sadness to see some of my favorite characters die, it brought me curiosity to see how the heroes will manage to save the day, anticipation during the fighting scene, laughter with the famous Marvel jokes and humor, and if brought me joy to see all of the characters that died in Infinity War come back to life.  All of these emotions really made the movie engaging and interesting.

There are a lot of Marvel movies-23 movies to be exact. All introduce some form of superhero or concept that is wrapped up in Endgame. However, not everyone has watched every single movie. Some people may have only watched the recent movies and not the older ones, and others may have only watched the movies under the Avengers series. The movie would’ve been better if you did watch all of the Marvel movies or, at least, most of the Marvel movies because it would just help with some of the inside jokes and concept of the story, especially since the movie took place back in time, where they were literally on set of the first Avengers movie. 

There were also a lot of plot holes in the movie. Questions that didn’t seem to have answers, like What happened to Spiderman’s classmates? At the end, they all seemed to be kids, but the snap took place 5 years prior to them coming back, did that mean all of the students disappear? How did Captain America return all of the stones from the past? And why was Red Skull in charge of the Soul Stone? All questions that didn’t have answers too, and now that Phase 3 has ended, there won’t really be another movie to answer these questions, which is kind of upsetting given the fact that some of these questions are very interesting. 

Overall, Avengers: Endgame was revolutionary in the fact that it wrapped up a world that took 10 years to establish. And, hopefully, Phase 4 can be just as amazing.

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