Prodigal by Rektok Ross

February 19, 2013
By , Bedford, NY
It is finally Lexy Quinn's year. She's been promoted to Editor of her school's newspaper, which has been her objective for quite some time. Her goal in life is to become a journalist, and being Editor is a step closer to achieving it. Lexy thinks she has everything laid out in front of her…….until her mother gets diagnosed with cancer. All of a sudden, her family is moving all the way to Preston Hills, Texas, ripping Lexy away from her friends, her school, and her newspaper, and planting her in a town full of snobby rich kids. Lexy will have to start from the beginning again to get people to notice her writing. To her absolute dismay, Lexy finds out that being on the Pierce High School newspaper is an extremely coveted position. It will be nearly impossible to land a position as a reporter, much less as an editor. Lexy's first few days at Pierce High are miserable…..until she meets Brian. Brian is sweet, funny, and genuine. He introduces Lexy to his friends, invites her to sit with them at lunch, and even shows her around the school. From then on, school gets a little bit brighter for Lexy. That is, of course, before she meets Blythe Preston. With her Prada shoes and Gucci handbag, Blythe is easily one of the two most talked-about people in town. The second is her brother, Ash. Cliché as it seems, Ash Preston is tall, dark and handsome. He is also mysterious, quiet, and has a cold demeanor. Every adolescent girl in town wants to claim him as their own, but he rejects each and every one of them…….except for Lexy. There is something about her that gets to him. Maybe it is the way her personality glows around her like an aura, or maybe it's the way she makes his body spark to life…whatever it is, Ash wants more. As Lexy gets to know Brian and Ash, she realizes she needs to prioritize between her mom and the guys at school, and along the way, she meets God.

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