Boost by Kathy Mackel

April 3, 2018
By ash.mich BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
ash.mich BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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Boost, by Kathy Mackel, is an empowering book about a girl named Savvy who has a growing passion for basketball. Her height of six foot two gives her a big advantage, but when she plays for the 18U Fires she has to fight for playing time. Both Lori (one of Savvy’s team mates) and Savvy are fighting for the same position. Later in the season one of Savvy's teammates finds steroids in her bag and calls the police. Savvy has suddenly lost all of her new friends and could be kicked off the basketball. Savvy knows she's innocent, but no one other than her parents believes her. Savvy finds herself wondering how Lori would go to get off the bench. This realistic fiction novel has a theme of remorse and redemption. Theses words stood out to me because the main character (Savvy) has to find her way back from being accused of cheating, and doing drugs. Savvy continuing to fight and stay on the team shows no remorse, and her getting over these obstacles to get back to where she was is redemption. Theses obstacles come with conflict especially person vs. self, and person vs. person. This novel taking place in Kent county, Rhode Island, in modern day times, at the home and school of Savvy. 

Boost is a great book to read, but I would not recommend to anyone under the age of twelve. In this novel the character's life is very relatable, for example her sister is always annoying and ignoring her, but it also has a big twist to keep it interesting. As you begin to understand more of what actually happening in this novel, the more powerful the plot appears. That is the main reason I love the book Boost and recommend it to all young teens.

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