Moth to a Flame by Ashley Antoinette

January 26, 2018
By mariagonzalez BRONZE, Sacramento , California
mariagonzalez BRONZE, Sacramento , California
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“Her free will was nonexistent and the only place where she had control of her life was in her dreams”. In Ashley Antoinette book moth to a flame there's the “innocent” daughter, then the best friend, then the other daughter, the dope dealer dad, with the mom, the dope dealers sidekick, the nobody guy that wants to take the dope dealers place & then the nobody's sidekick. The nobody is Mizan & the nobody sidekick is rich. Mizan is just trying to take the dope dealer dad, Benjamin Atkins, place & he got Benny murdered to get where he's at now.


Raven let a guy, Mizan, ruin her whole life & he tried everything he could to get her away from everything to where she couldn't go back. She turned against her dad to be with Mizan but Benjamins side kick, Ethic, had Ravens heart the whole time. The thing is that Ethic didn't want her then he had saw her as his bosses daughter and a little selfish girl, raven was only 17 when her and Ethic first met. But she always had a thing for him and Mizan but she always had her eyes more on Mizan because Ethic made it known he wanted nothing to do with her. So Ethic just let raven be in the most toxic relationship with Mizan and didn't even help her out. But she finally left him.


Raven a 17 year old girl that dropped out of high school for her man. She was to young and blind to see that Mizan didn't want anything from her but to take her dad's place in the streets. She was really known because of her dad everyone knew her as Benny Atkins daughter. She was young had her life together, got whatever she wanted, and always got into things with her best friend Nikki. But once Mizan came into her life she was distant from everyone even her family, didn't stay in touch with Nikki not even her little sister.

I recommend this book to teenagers and adults. Especially teens because it's mostly about a young 17 year old girl that ruined her whole life from just one guy she thought would be there for her but never was. She basically gave one guy her whole life and regretted every second of it. I recommend it because i know there’s teenage girls that are in the same situation and also it’ll teach you how people really are.


People should read this book because it talks about her not being free in her relationship and im sure there are people out there that arent in a free relationship and goes by ones rules and not the others. Or there are people that are just in the worst relationships and dont know how to leave.

The author's comments:

this book is really good and intense 

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