My Bloody life by Reymundo Sanchez

January 24, 2018
By officialcrizz916 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
officialcrizz916 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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“A slow motion of drugs, sex and gunplay”. This is a following quote that carries this story of My Bloody Life. Having no family it's hard, it changes people lifestyle they start acting up at home or school. Some of teens start joining gangs or do drugs to take away the pain. These are struggles reymundo sanchez faced as lil kid and he join a gangs as lil kid. I feel like this one the best books, its very interesting, people should read this so they can know what some people face as youngins and why they start acting up.


Reymundo left the latin kings because there was many consequences being in a gang, reymundo show grit and turn his life around he stop bangin he want to change , he wants to start going to school be a better person in life, he always felt some type of way when he heard the news talking about victims getting shot.

Reymundo Sanchez know as “lil loco”is a puerto rican, he was born 1957 back in a chevy. His father had died when he was only 5 years old he had no memories with him. He also had a brother, but he didnt like his brother because him and his mom would beat him up. He did drugs so he can forget about getting beat up.He join a gang name spanish lords but they didn't like him because he didn't prove he was about it. He meet some gang call latin kings and he prove dem wrong. Now he all alone the only family he got is the latin kings.


After reading My bloody life, i was convinced that people should read this book not only because it's about gangs,but its an example why people start changing, And there's levels to join a gang there's alot you need to learn and it all takes you to death or prison.This book only recommend to people who likes to learn about what's a gang and what are the steps order to be in one. A Lot people face struggles like this but before you join a gang, read this book before you join one.


This books is very interesting and open up your mind what are the levels to gangs. Reymundo Sanchez describes his struggle and why he join a gang. He also talks about why he stop banging and why he change his life around.

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