Evermore (The Immortals #1) by Alyson Noel

July 11, 2017
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In parapsychology (a field of study and investigation of paranormal and psychic phenomena) they believe an aura surrounds all living things, the colour tell what type of person you are. Red is for energy, passion and sexuality, but also fear, ego and anger. Green is for peaceful, healing but also jealousy. Nothing is all good, even a colour such as yellow, which stands for optimistic and happy also represents indecisive and easily led. Only black is the true all bad as it stands for lacking of energy, illness and imminent death. White though, is neither good or bad, but perfect balance. Although most people do not believe in this stuff, some spend their life studying. But a very few, like one in a million, can actually see it.

Ever is psychic, but not the “That’s So Raven” way. She can see people’s auras mixing around her, hear their thoughts like they were spoken out loud, and know their history by a simple skin-on-skin contact. This started happening after being in a car accident that killed her entire family, and almost killed her too. Now she moved across the country to live with her father’s twin sister and try to restart her life; but being psychic this time. To block the noise she keeps her hood up, headphones on and avoid talking to anyone. But she needs a place to sit at lunch right? That’s where her two friends that she did make, come in: Haven and Miles. Miles is the adorable, yet stereotypical, gay guy who has way too many boyfriends and enjoy the theatre life. Haven is the stereotypical “give me attention” with two not there parents, and does outrageous stuff to get their attention, the latest stage is goth. Ever still loves them both as they do not ask questions about her past, and seem to care about her even if they do not know all of her secrets.

All that changed when he showed up. Dark, sexy, smoldering, Damen Auguste. Taking the only empty seat in their English class next to Ever he has taken quite a fancy to her. For Ever it was not the dark looks that caught her eye, but this: he had no aura. Everyone else was swirling with the colour. From a light blue, to mixing green, or even a dark brown when greedy. Damen had none, not even a glimmer. If that was not enough to draw Ever in, maybe it was the strong arms that wrapped around her waist that did. From living across the world to modeling in New York City, Damen had it all. But he was so mysterious, ditching Ever in places and lying about it later. Ever was determined to find out who her boyfriend (was he even her boyfriend) was all about.

Alyson Noel started this series off with a bang. For Ever, like how cool of a name as Ever. Then we have Damen, the best book boyfriend a reader could ever ask for. Hot, dark, mysterious with just a touch of fantasy, and BOOM! Irresistible. The writing is common, nothing truly special, although for a first book it gives good background on Ever’s life and what happen to make her psychic. The issue is hot and cold Damen. One moment he’s all over Ever, the next, ignoring, and then back to loving. It explains a bit why near the end of the story, but that does not completely make up for it. This book also hits a lot towards the future, especially when Damen does all his “I know how to wait” lines, like waiting for what exactly? Sex or Ever? Still a great read for the fantasy and young adult stories, and a great start to a series.

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