Book Report #8: Wings of Fire; The Dark Secret

June 6, 2017
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This book was written by Tui.T Sutherland, who is an author of many books and wrote the series of the Wings of Fire. This book is about how a Nightwing dragonet named Starflight who thinks of himself of a anxious and hesitant dragonet, who was kidnapped from his friends and ended up in the Nightwing kingdom. While Starflight was being held captive there, he realizes of how gruesome the Nightwings were. He tries to escape the kingdom with his new friends while going through many challenging obstacles. While going through many quests, he finds his father who is a scientist, that is kidnapping and torturing Rainwings to test on their secret venom. Starflight finds out that the Nightwings were building venom proof armour to take over the Rainforest kingdom. Starflight tries to warn his friends by using a dream visitor that he found nearby with 2 dead dragons. While Queen Glory of the rainwings rescues the Rainwings. She also saves a whole new tribe while trying to survive from the severe volcanic eruption.

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