Adrift by Paul Griffin

May 30, 2017
By Cinimod SILVER, Vauxhall, Alberta
Cinimod SILVER, Vauxhall, Alberta
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The book Adrift is a fast paced book that holds you captive until the end. As Barry Lyga, author of New York Times bestseller/ Hunt Killers explained, “A beautiful, haunting, horrific tale. Read this one when you won’t be disturbed - Paul Griffin deserves your undivided attention.” This book starts off with two 18 year-old boys, John and Matt who are spending the summer at Long Island, Montauk. It is a popular beach destination for the rich as well as the middle class. There John and Matt are working for money to get into the schools of their choice. They sell pop and ice cream while walking around the beach all day. Until one day they are forced out of their normal beach-selling area but some bullies. They then decide head off to the wealthy side of the beach, where they can double their money. When Matt is walking around the beach he is called over by some kids his age. They are rich and have no cash on hand. Matt says they can pay him back later, when one girls invites them to a big party. The party ends because of a fight.  Matt and John are then peer pressured into night surfing. They borrow the neighbor’s boat and go out into the water. Little did they know that they had little to no fuel and that it was the start of hurricane season.

This book is a good little read. It is short, yet maintains a fast moving, easy flowing, highly detailed story line that can capture you. I read this book, while multi-tasking other things like eating breakfast. In the things I couldn’t multi-task in, like cleaning up. I would rush to finish, just to read Adrift. This is a really good book and if you read it, you won’t be disappointed. I hope you will have a chance to read this marvel of a novel by Paul Griffin.

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