How It Went Down

April 6, 2017

Tariq was killed, the town went into chaos. The race difference between the shooter and Tariq is thought to be one of the main problems with the incident. The point of view shifts around between different people to really get a look into their thoughts and how they are thinking and feeling. It changes between his friends, his family, the shop keeper and even a pastor that prayed for a tragedy to happen. Because the town has a lot of trouble caused by gangs, most people figured it was something between two groups. Tariq was not causing trouble but was returning from a store when he was killed. People think he had a gun, others didn’t. They have to fight to get people to see that he wasn’t doing anything wrong.
I really enjoyed this book because I felt like it really gave me a good look into how people stereotype others. The way the author dove into everyone’s thoughts really allowed me to understand how everyone was thinking and feeling. I didn’t really like the way they used nicknames for the people and I couldn’t really tell who was who for a little bit but I understood it after a while. This is probably one of my favorite books and would recommend it to people.

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