En Pie De Guerra

March 13, 2009
By Anonymous

En Pie De Guerra
By: Carlos Cuauht'moc Sanchez

Prize: Mexico-$157.00

Other countries: $17.50(may vary)
Amazon Editorial Review:
In the book of En Pie De Guerra,by Carlos Cuauht'moc Sanchez has created an amazing allegory about drugs. Althought the story started in a scene in school with Pascual being a drugdealer in school. Felipe and his family began with tought times. He goes out with his friend, Jennifer to a party at a night-club with friends. That night, Jennifer was killed by an overdose of GHB in her drink. As the story goes he learns more information about drugs and learn more about Jennifer's life as he investigate on his own when they think he killed Jennifer.

In my opinion I love this book because I was so mesmerized by the information it has about drugs. Also, I love this story because in has a good source of literacy terms. For example, it has irony and a very well use of imaginary. Lastly, a had so much information about drugs in each chapter.
I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about drugs. Carlos
Cuauht'moc Sanchez explains deeper in specific types of drugs. You would learn about coomons names for each type of drug. Also, explains the sides effect and damages in those in your body. It also explains a person behavior under the influence of the drugs.

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