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March 31, 2017
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The novel Steelheart does not abide by usual standard of stories of people with powers but instead invites you into a darker world where the supervillains have already won and no one is willing to stand up against them. That is except for a group of ordinary people called the Reckoners who study an epics weakness and use it to take them out.


A very important attribute of Steelheart is the vivid imagery and detail of the unique landscape. The city in which the story takes place is make completely of steel except for anything organic. This type of landscape would be difficult to imagine but the way the book describes things like light shimmers off of the side of building. Also, In many scenes of where the characters are battling in the book the author describes how the bullets make shower of sparks when colliding with all the steel in the environment as well as the deafening sounds of the gunfire echoing of of the metal.

Another vital attribute to the novel Steelheart are the well rounded characters that are introduced. One character that you will become quickly fond of is the main character, David. The author makes David a clever and well taught young man who seeks vengeance for his father's death. David also shows that he is a witty character and is even charming to some degree. Another character who's seemingly aggressive in the beginning of the book is Megan. Megan is introduced through the eyes of David who describes her as blonde, and extremely attractive. Megan is a character who you will fall in love with more and more throughout the story.

Also, pacing of the plot line is a extremely important attribute in the book. Pacing is a critical factor whenever it comes to almost any type of story. If the pacing is rushed the reader might feel confused or unhappy with the story and if it's too slow then the reader may feel unsatisfied or get bored and not even finish the novel. The pacing in Steelheart is right on point all the way through the book. Whenever the story is getting slightly slow then something big like a battle happens or if it is getting too hectic the story slows down.

The novel Steelheart has is an overall great book that has great detail, characters, and is very well paced. Another fact is that Steelheart was once a New York Times bestseller so it must be worth reading. To conclude, Steelheart is a great novel with unexpected twists and turns that'll leave you wanting more.

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