Skin by Ted Dekker

March 31, 2017
By Anonymous

In his bestseller, skin Ted dekker explores the fight between good and evil. Dekker was born October 24, 1962 in New Guinea. Ted dekker writes fantasy, thrillers, horror, and mystery. He was the oldest of four children. Some of his books have been made into movies like the books th3re and house. Skin is a thriller and horror book. In the book skin there are six main characters. Each character is uniquely different from all the others. They come from different pasts and hardships. There have been critics who have really enjoyed this book while other may totally hate it or be on the fence about it. I thought the book had a great twist at the door and that throughout the book it kept you on the edge of your seat. I thought there were lots of characters to keep up with and that some of the characters were not well developed as others.

In the beginning of the book you are first introduced into the book by a tagline: don't trust your eyes. The plot of the book is set up by introducing us to three very strong deadly tornadoes that come and wreak havoc on the little town of summersville that is located in Nevada. In this town there is a deadly serial killer who is on a killing spree. He starts to play a deadly game with the town survivors and until someone dies he will continue to kill innocent people until his demands are met.

Reds demands are found even more startling when he tells the survivors that they must kill the most ugliest person in there group. They must choose the ugliest and kill it for Red to cease his killing. The group though is made of cult survivors who are scared of men. A person who was abandoned from a home of prostitutes. A human with a hidden past and a human who tries to help.

In his book skin dekker tries to show us what real beauty is. By writing the book in a setting of a serial killer and a group having to decide the ugliest among them it helps to show us how people view real beauty. Dekker explores that real beauty is not what our appearances present to others. Real beauty is what is in our hearts. It also shows us that people tend to look at the outside of people to tell them what beauty is. Ted tries to explain to us that real beauty is what we have in our hearts because what is in our hearts becomes our character and eventually the words and actions we execute.

Though the book is slow in the beginning, and can become confusing at times, I recommend this book to anyone who struggles with what real beauty is and how to overcome that. It has a great twist at the end that I never saw coming, and the writing was well thought out. If you had a chance to help someone through life or get to know someone as a friend what part of them would you focus on more? Would you look at appearance or the heart? Failure or success? Appearances may be the outside beauty that is stunning to others but the heart is the ultimate treasure of the person.

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