All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

March 17, 2017
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In all the bright places it has a lot to do with mental health and it's almost like a look inside the brain of someone going through a difficult time with their mental health. This modern story has two main characters which it switches back and forth from, Violet Markey and Theodore Finch. Finch and Violet meet on a ledge of their school both contemplating suicide, finch goes on in talking violet out of it and that was the start of their relationship. In the novel the two characters have a project together in a class that involves them exploring the state they live in. the book goes on dealing with finches mental state and violet overcoming her fear of vehicles due to her sister's death by a car accident. At the school Finch is known as the weird kid and Violet is an ex. Popular girl/ cheerleader. In the social system of the school everyone thinks that Violet should not be with Finch but as the story progresses they fall for each other. With their school project they travel the state of indiana and see the sites it has to offer and by this the friendship and romance of the two grows closer. Things change when Finch gets expelled for putting a bully in his place and things don't go so well with Violet parents toward Finch, forbidding them to be together. Violet secretly sees Finch but he falls into a darker state after a serious discussion they have. Finch goes missing and over the course of a couple months she barely hears from him. When his family started to worry they all found out news that no one ever wants to hear.


I one million percent would recommend this novel to everyone. It displayed a new perspective that most people don't write about and it gave you a look at how serious mental health is. I loved the variation of the two characters and how distinct and different their personalities were. There were too many brilliant things in this book like the way the author described every site so vividly it was like I was there. Jennifer Niven excellently wrote this story and I liked how she provided facts about suicide. Finch was by far my favorite character just by his humorous acts, but violet was the main view of the story after a while which was cool to see the opposite perspective and feelings toward knowing someone going through mental health problems. This book is one of my favorites because it incorporates romance, action, devastation, and a little bit of mystery.          

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