BACKLASH by Sarah Darer Littman

March 9, 2017

Number of stars (1 to 5): I give this book five stars!

In this book, some serious things happen that is dangerous and should never happen to someone. Lara hates her life at this moment and still doesn’t want to live. That changes though when something big happens. So many things happen that it’s crazy. This book is by far the best book I have ever read!

Description and summary of content
In this book a girl named Lara tries to kill herself all because of the internet. Her boyfriend breaks up with her online and she has a mental breakdown. Lara used to get picked on all of the time for her weight. Then, she lost some weight and became a cheerleader. So, no one could figure out why she would try to kill herself. Lara also has a little sister named Syd. Syd gets talked about at school and she gets upset. Lara’s ex best friend named Bree takes a picture of Lara going out in the ambulance, which causes Bree’s little brother Liam to get mad. Liam and Syd are friends. Liam likes Syd but Syd doesn’t know. Then Syd falls in love with Liam and they date. Lara gets better, she transfer’s schools and becomes a cheerleader at the new school. Bree acted like she was Christian on the computer and Lara found out. So, at the cheer competition Lara runs into Bree, and Bree starts crying because she knows she did a bad thing. Then, this guy named Luis asks Lara to homecoming and Lara says that she doesn’t know yet. The next day she apologizes and told Lewis that if he didn’t have a date that she would love to go with him, and he says I do have a date and her name is Lara Kelley.

If you haven’t read this book, you need too. This book will give you a life lesson that will change your life. It will give you a life lesson that will help you with life. Like, choosing who you want to be friends with and like who you want to date. Make sure they are going to support your opinions and they like you just as much. So if something bad ever happens just remember that if you want a change that it can be good or bad. It’s whatever you make it out to be. Lara Kelley did just that. Read this book.

My conclusion for this book would have to be no matter what life throws at you, you can dodge it. Life lessons are extremely important to learn at this age, and this book gives one of the biggest life lessons I have ever read in a book before. This book is going to make me look at life differently now. Always look at the positive things in life. Some have it way worst.

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