Night by Elie Wiesel

March 8, 2017
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Nothing makes a better book then writers with emotion, that’s exactly what Elie Wiesel, the writer of the book Night has done.  Filled with the horrifying imagery of the holocaust.  You can truly feel the pain of Elie through out the entire book.  He would go so in depth with things that happened to him, that I myself felt like I was apart of it.  I felt that I could see the men, woman, and children showing up to the camps.  The crematory with its flames burning the innocent.  The hurried smell of loved ones burning flesh always in the air and the sadness that would always be a stain in their hearts.  I believe that anyone could get into this book.  You might not love reading but there is no way you could not fell yourself in Elie shoes going through his life, anyone would read a book that makes them feel apart of it.  The connections with your life, world history, or things in your community can be found threw out the entire book.  It puts a real life view on things and what many people take for granted in their daily lives.  An example would be that they had no phones, no freedom to go outside and play, no one who would jump in the way of punishment for them, and worst of all no food to keep them in good health.  Could you really imagery your life like theirs?  Day in and day out you work, just to get a small bowl of soup and bread, not a paycheck.  Or if you did do a hard days work but pissed off an SS officer and lost your food for the day.  You worked to live in concentration camps, would you want a world based on, if you can’t do a job you don’t deserve to be on the planet anymore.

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