Night by Elie Wiesel

March 8, 2017
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Night by Elie Wiesel was an interesting input on the life in concentration camps.  He tells a breathtaking story about his life with his family being taken from their homes and being put in harsh conditions in the camps.  I absolutely loved the book in every way.  I may be a history feen that’s why I loved it so much and I believe that it should be shared with the whole world.  I feel the need it needs to be read in high school.  The world needs to know what happened to these people and never let it happen again.  His imagery throughout the book is quite stunning but so heartbreaking.  “I raised my eyes to look at my father’s face leaning over mine, to try to discover aged, dried-up countenance.  Nothing.  Not the shadow of an expression. Beaten.”  This line hits me like a rock every time I read it.  Throughout the book he tells the miraculous man his father is and for him to look like this is saddening.  One thing I wish he had done was explained what certain words meant.  I was confused along with many others on certain words from us not being over in their area.  “By day, the Talmud, at night, the cabbala.”  These words I know are something to do with religion but other than that I wasn’t quite sure.  I also loved when they were moving from place to place he didn’t just skip to it he explained the walk there.  He would tell about not only himself but also others around him.  “Under our feet were men crushed, trampled underfoot, dying.”  This was so depressing to read to know that they would actually trampling over others and wasn’t even caring.  This book was breathtaking, depressing, and shocking but was worth every moment missed to read it.

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