The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

March 2, 2017
By , Norridge, IL

Rick Riordan’s amazing book the lightning thief.This is a fantasy book for young adults.The setting takes place in modern day America.The book is in the 21st century.This is around 2005 and also that’s when it was published.This is an amazing book for grade ?.This mostly takes place in the main character’s house and the camp half-blood.

The major character in the lightning thief is a twelve-year-old boy which lives with his mom.His is dad Poseidon and he cannot live with him since he is half-blood.A half-blood is a person which one of their parents are a god and other is just normal human.He is an adventurous and brave type of person like explained in the book.He appears to be a teenage boy.

The minor characters were Annabeth Chase which was one of Percy’s best friend that went with him on the adventure,Grover Underwood which also went with Percy on the adventure and is Percy’s protector, Luke Castellan that had the lightning the whole time and Percy got in trouble for it and Sally Jackson which is Percy’s mom.

The story was about Percy Jackson being blamed for stealing the lightning bolt which was Zeus’s, Percy did not steal it.He got some friends to help him find Zeus’s lightning bolt.He then later gets a shield from Luke which has a little metal box with the lightning in it.Then later it falls out the box and later Hades get it.He get’s power but his girlfriend knocks him out.So Percy went to return it and Luke tried stopping him at then end.So he returns the lightning bolt back to Zeus.

I think this was a fantastic book and I recommend it to everyone who likes action and adventure.It was also interesting and new things kept happening.There was also something new going on and this book teaches honesty of how Percy said he did not have it.Instead, the twist was Luke had it.Whoever enjoys adventure I think should read this book since it captures so much.They would enjoy reading it since Percy went on a huge adventure and it talks all about it.

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